The Home of Champion Leonbergers in Ireland
Top Winning Leonberger Kennels 2009


The great thing about Leos and water is that they take to it from a very young age, mind you it must help to have those webbed feet of theirs.
Elsa Leonberger swimming
Okie and Elsa Leonberger swimming
Nothing like a bit of paddling on a warm summer day
Of course when a giant breed like a Leo wants to get dry after their dip you had better stand back!
Okie Leonberger drying out
Boomer and Okie Leonberger water work
One focus in water work is of course rescue - here Okie and Boomer are getting to grips with a float.
However if there is no float available or another Leo has 'rescued' it, what can a Leo do but improvise!
Boomer leo swimming with stick
These next two pictures where taken summer 2008 and show the sheer ingenuity of this wonderful breed. Not only do they love water but also they are a dab hand at fishing, note the flapping fish they caught, I kid you not (bigger pictures in photo gallery).
Three leonbergers fishing 1
three leonbergers fishing 2
Next level up is actualy resucing someone - here is Boomer getting ready to swim out to pull the boat back in.
Finally making it to the boat - no rush Boomer!!!
If ya want a job done ask a Lady, in this case Elsa who is more than happy to pull the boat back to shore.
Elsa loved it so much she did it again and again and again ....