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Combined Canine International Champ Show April 2011

A cold breezy start to the day suits Boomer well as he takes the Green star, CACIB, and Best of breed, Cuki been too young to challenge for the CACIB has to settle for Best Junior. Today was also the day the Boomer was put under pressure by his son Ozzy who won res Green star and res CACIB.

Celtic Winners Show 2011

The St. Patricks Day Show is the biggest show of the year in Ireland. After a lot and I mean a lot of grooming of Cuki’s big coat, she is ready for her first big show in Ireland.   Boomer is first in and gets Res. Green Star.  Cuki takes the Junior Celtic Winner Title, Celtic Winner 2011 and Best of Breed.  

Crufts 2011

Boomer, Joe and Sinead make the short hop across to the NEC in Birmingham for Crufts.  In the Open Class there are 13 very fine Leonberger’s and we were happy that Boomer made it down to the final 7. 

November 2010

The second last show of the year is the Cloghran All Breed Champ Show. Sinead does the honours and shows Boomer as Joe is busy and cannot come to the show. Sinead & Boomer are quite a dynamic duo and despite the long wait for judging, Boomer puts in a great performance and wins Green Star Dog and Best of Breed!

October 2010

All Ireland Bull Breeds Champ Show
This is one of the last shows of the year and it was nice to see a good turn out again at the show. Joe is left at home looking after the girls and Sinead heads off to the show with Boomer. Again a nice result as Boomer wins GSD and Best of Breed.

Portadown Championship Show
Sinead, Joe and Boomer are up early and all head off to the Kings Hall in Belfast for the Portadown show. It is always a nice atmosphere at this show. We only show Boomer today and he wins GSD and Best of Breed.

September 2010

IKC National Show
The second show of the weekend and Boomer wins GSD and Res BOB. Elsa comes 2nd in Champion Class.

IKC International Show
The show today draws an entry of 9. Boomer wins GSD and Res Best of Breed. He also wins another CACIB, his 5th out of a possible 6! Elsa comes 2nd in Champion Class.

August 2010

Tralee Champ Show
Last day of the munster circuit today with the Tralee show. Boomer wins Green Star Dog and Res Best of Breed. Ozzie wins his class. Great finish to the week as Pink wins 2nd in Group 2! We then head off to Waterville in Kerry to meet up with family and a few pints.

Limerick Champ Show
Another great day today with Boomer winning GSD and Res Best of Breed and afterwards everyone heads off to have some hearty grub in a great pub in Castleisland.

Clonmel Champ Show
Today at Clonmel is Elsa’s time to shine! Elsa wins Green Star Bitch and wins Best of Breed. Boomer takes a day off and watches the judging from the ringside and enjoys all the attention he gets!

Leonberger Club Show
Today is a very special day for the Leonberger Club with its annual Champ show being held in conjunction with the Navan Dog show. There was an entry of 12 Leo’s on the day that were judged under Breed Specialist, Joan Rushby from the UK. This was Elsa’s first time out this year so we were thrilled when she won Res Green Star! Boomer struts his stuff and wins GSD and goes on to win Reserve Best in Show! This is the first time that an Irish owned dog wins at this level at a club show. Home to have a great feast and a few beers with friends!
The Munster circuit time of the year again! We all head off to Kerry on Sunday for a holiday with some dogs shows thrown in. Everyone had a wonderful week of fun, laughter and good company.

July 2010

Sligo & District Champ Show
Long trek to Newton Forbes in Longford for the show. Weather conspired against us for most of the day with lots of rain! Boomer wins GSD and Best of Breed.

June 2010

Deise Champ Show
Close to Tramore up by the racecourse proved to be another great day out. Boomer wins GSD and Saffi wins GSB and BOB. Saffi goes on to get 3rd in Group 2, so happy days!

Kilkenny Champ Show
June continues to be a busy month with dog shows and at Kilkenny Boomer takes GSD and Res BOB.

Swords & District Champ Show
Another great day out for the Sionnarush Kennels with Boomer winning GSD and BOB. It was nice to see a few more dogs in the show ring today.

Cork & District Champ Show
Today the weather was glorious and sunny at the dog show. Sitting ringside it was great to see Ozzie winning Green Star Dog and Best of Breed. Long trip home but a nice one with Ozzie’s first BOB!

Munster Canine Club Champ Show
Joe stays at home to mind the girls and Sinead, Diane, Lauren, Ozzie and Boomer head off bright and early down the country for a girlie weekend! At the show on Saturday Boomer wins GSD and Res BOB.

May 2010

Hibernian Champ Show
Early to rise and off to Cloghran in Dublin. We have Saffi over from the UK on holiday here and we plan to take her to some shows. Boomer and Saffi do well today, with Boomer winning GSD and Saffi wins GSB and BOB – not bad for her first show!

Ferrmoy International Show
Long trip to Tipp but very worthwhile as Boomer wins Green Star Dog and CACIB. Boomer becomes an International Champion having won 4 out of the last 5 CACIB's at International Shows and is the first Irish Leo to have gained this title. Boomers son Ozzie was also placed 1 st in Junior Dog.

March 2010

Celtic Winners Show
Today we headed off to Cloghran for the biggest show of the Irish Year, the Celtic Winners. For the first time in a long time there was a great turnout for the show. Boomer won the Champion Class and went on to take the Green Star, Celtic Winner's title for 2010 and Best of Breed. Elsa although very out of coat took the Champions Class and Reserve Green Star. Ozzie (from the Magnificent 7 litter) got 1st in puppy class and was rated very promising.

December 2009

Banbridge Canine Club
Short hop up to Belfast early December to a wet dreary day. Despite being wet and not their best Boomer got Green star dog and Elsa got Champion bitch. But not only that they came first in the brace stakes despite the wet dog look!

Dublin Dog Show
Arriving to the ringside at the last minute is not the best way to organise yourself for a dog show, but the bad weather and the roads like ice-rinks caused us to be late for the show not to mention sleeping it in - just as well its the last show of the year. There was a better than usual turnout of Leo's for the show. But it was a great way to round off the year with Boomer winning Champion dog and Green star. Elsa pulled out all the bells and went into the ring strutting her stuff and not only got the Green star and but also went on to win Best of Breed.


November 2009

Cloghran All Breed champions Show
Only one show this month and Boomer does it again picking up the Green star and Best of Breed whilst Elsa achieved Ist in Champion bitch and received the reserve green star.


October 2009

French Leonberger Club Show 2009

Boomer as an Irish champion had no choice but enter into the open class with a huge entry of something like 120 dogs from which he was awarded an excellent grade. From each group being judged, 6 dogs are put forward to the ring of honour and in Boomers group it was between him and another dog for the 6 th place but alas the place was given to the other dog. Not a bad day out though, getting down to the final 7 in his group.


September 2009

Drogheda and District ABCS
Change of venue this year as the Drogheda show moves up to Dublin. Another fantastic day for the Sionnarush kennels as Boomer is awarded the Champions class, green star dog. Elsa also wins the champions class and is awarded the reserve green star. Boomer in the challenge for best of breed is more interested in the "scent of a beautiful woman" than the competition so has to settle for reserve best of breed.

International Leonberger Club Show Leonberg Germany
Boomer had the luck of the Irish on his side when he was placed in the top 5 winning dogs out of a total entry of 146 dogs at the International Leonberger Show in Leonberg, Germany. This was his first time to be shown on the continent and the win at Leonberg, although very unexpected has left us with a great feeling. The show gains entries from all over Europe and is viewed in Leonberger World as the top show for Leonbergers. There was a total entry of 338 Leo's in the show with a pretty even spilt between males and females. The open class always draws the highest number of entries of any of the classes and there was a very strong line up in the class of 42 dogs and included 6 champion dogs from across Europe. The class being so large was split up into smaller groups for judging and Joe and Boomer were the last to be judged. They must have left a lasting impression as they were shortlisted down to the last 20, after receiving an excellent rating. The judge had the tough job of narrowing it down to 6. The judge, Joop Hiddes made his final selection of the top 4 dogs and to our total amazement Boomer was in the final line. When Boomer won the class, the feeling was pretty amazing as there were some fabulous dogs in the ring. He was also awarded the CAC. Boomer took it all in his stride and was happy to get home after driving a 3,000km round trip, not to mention the ferry and channel tunnel. It is the most spectacular feeling winning at such a prestigious show and we still haven't come down from cloud 9! Below is his critique from the show:

2 Year old. Good in type and expression. Beautiful head. Complete scissor bite. Good eye and ear. Straight and strong front legs and a good fore chest. Correct angulations of front and rear. Very good coat. Well built dog. Very well muscled. Excellent movement, in the front, straight and parallel. Tail is well placed and is carried correctly.

August 2009

Bangor and North Down ABCS
First show of a new month and it was off to Belfast. Great result here as Boomer takes the green star and best of breed, whilst Elsa holds her own and also takes the green star and reserve best of breed. We were also on the brace and manage to get a respectable third placing.

Navan Group 1 and 2 Champion show
Start of the Munster circuit and also the first Leonberger Club of Ireland club show. There was a good turn out for the show, with some first time exhibitors and some mature top winning dogs over from England. Boomer was first out and managed to get third place in the champions' class. He was pipped to the post by two of the dogs from England one of whom goes on the win not only the best of breed but also the group. Boomer was awarded the title of best Irish Leonberger at show and received a very nice presentation of a sculpture of the bronze Leonberger in Leonberg from Hein an Metha. Elsa also did very well and won first place in the champions' class. All in all a very enjoyable and successful day for the Sionnarush gang at the first club show.

Hein and Metha Presenting us with award for
Top Irish Leo in show
Petra Junehall presented Elsa with Champion bitch rosette

Clonmel and District ABCS
No international show status for Clonmel this year, but turned out to be a great day weather wise for the dogs as a fresh breeze kept us all cool in the sunshine. Boomer won reserve the green star and Elsa outshone all on the day getting the green star bitch and goes on to get reserve best of breed.

Killarney and District ABCS
A great day at Killarney this time under the scrutiny of a Canadan judge. Boomer moved superbly taking the champions class, green star dog and then the best of breed. Elsa also held her own winning the champions class and getting the reserve green star. We were late getting into the brace ring but it was worth the rush as we were awarded first place -- happy days.


Brace at Killarney

Limerick and District ABCS
Another year in Adare and guess what - yes you got it its raining again! Boomer gets the reserve green star and Elsa wins the champions class and the reserve green star. Decided not to enter the brace as it was way to wet, not that Boomer seemed to mind rolling in the muddy puddles that had formed in the car park.

Tralee and District ABCS
Last show of the Munster circuit and its another dull overcast day. Boomer again gets the reserve green star and Elsa again takes the champion class and the reserve green star.

July 2009

Bray & District Canine Club
Short trip to Dublin for this show which kinda helps! Boomer starting to come back into coat after being a bit of a baldyburger for the last 2 months! He won green star and BOB.

Irish Ladies Kennel Club
After a late night last night, it wasn't too early a start this morning. Arrived at the show grounds at 11am, to wet and windy weather! Only had Boomer with us today, who got his 9 th green star of the year and his 7 th BOB. Boomer went into the group and looked great. The judge shortlisted him down to the last 7, but did not take the judges eye for a placing. Happy out though, as he moved well.

Sligo & District Championship Show
Today Elsa was left at home as she was totally out of coat. Boomer was in champion class and it was nice to have a pal in the class too as he is usually in the class on his own. Boomer impressed the judge and won 10 th green star and 8 th BOB.

June 2009

Munster Canine Association
Not such an early start this morning as we had sense and went down the night before! The good rest seemed to have worked well for the dogs as Elsa and Boomer get their green stars and this time Elsa shines and gets BOB.

Kilkenny and District Canine Club
Boomer continues to be steady with his showing and gets green star and BOB. Elsa gets reserve green star. Very hot today in Kilkenny, nice for a suntan but not so nice for the dogs! However, in was indoor for the Brace Stakes and the triumphant Trio strike again and win 2 nd place in the Brace. Get their photo taken too!

Deise Canine Club Show
The Irish weather! Yesterday too hot and today soft wet Irish rain! Elsa and Boomer in top form and both get green stars. Elsa goes on to win BOB. The triumphant trio hit the Brace Stakes again and this time they storm into first place. Boomer was very taken by the Chinese Crested that were placed 2 nd . Somehow I think he thought they were a snack for him! Did not make taking a photo easy!

May 2009

Fermoy All Breed International Show
Another early start for this show. First up was Boomer who won Green Star, CACIB and BOB, with Elsa winning Green Star and CACIB. Next was the Brace, with a healthy 7 entries. Joe and the dogs did superbly and were placed 1 st in the Brace Stakes. They even got their photo taken in the Best in Show ring! Boomer proceeded to the Group, but being out of coat we did not expect anything and the group was eventually won by a fantastic Newfoundland, who had a great coat!!


Hibernian All Breed Championship Show
Boomer and Elsa win green stars again and Boomer gets BOB.

April 2009

Combined Canine International Show
Having lost out on a CACIB (International Award) last year because she was too young, Elsa wins a CACIB that she can keep all for herself and the Green Star also. Boomer too wins his first CACIB and the green star as well. Boomer won Best of Breed (BOB) and proceeded to the group. But that is as far as it went on the day.

Cork and District All Breed Champion Show
Early start for this show! Arrived to very nice sunny weather and it wasn't long before the Leo's were in the ring. Boomer got another Green Star and won Best of Breed. In Group 2 he was shortlisted down to the last 6. He moved well and looked great but alas, that is as far as it went for us on the day. Boomer & Elsa were again in the Brace and got a respectable 4 th place.

March 2009

The start of the Show Season - Crufts
We headed off to the UK to attend Crufts in the NEC in Birmingham. Unfortunately we were a doggie short as Elsa was unable to attend as she was in season. Boomer, the first Irish owned male Leo to attend Crufts, was lonely without Elsa, and obviously wanted some company, which he made known to everyone usually around 3am the night before the big show! Big thanks to Nigel & Anita and co. for their understanding! As this was our first trip to Crufts we were very excited. When it came time for the Yearling Dog, Joe and Boomer strutted their stuff in ring 25 and Boomer was placed 3rd in his class. His litter brother Nero was placed 1 st place, while his other brother, Fonzi came 4th in the same class. Happy out, we got the Ferry home at 2.30am and straight to bed for some well earned sleep!

Newtownard's Show
Elsa was in top form today and moved fantastically. She is like a good wine- gets better with age, and she got her first Green Star of 2009. Boomer was beaten for the Green Star by Harry, who looked excellent and moved like a dream on the day. Okie had to be a spectator but she didn't mind as she was happy to get lots of attention. Joe entered the Brace Stakes with Boomer and Elsa, which really is just for fun. It is where Joe has to run around the ring like he would with one dog but he has to do it with two! No mean feat I can tell you with 22 stone of dogs! It was great to see them receiving a 1 st place in the Brace.

Janurary 2009

All our Leos love showing off and where better to do so than in the show ring. We have not been showing long but have been very successful both in the breed show ring and brace stakes.

Boomer our youngest Leo was awarded the first ever Irish Junior Champion Leonberger status at eleven months, and became the youngest ever Irish Champion when he was awarded Irish Champion status at just fifteen months of age. In 2008 he has achieved six best of breeds, eight green stars and was placed third in group two Junior Champion of Champions out of twenty three qualifying champions.

Elsa is also doing very well in the show ring and has only four months between receiving her first green star and her seventh to be awarded Irish Champion status, with four best of breeds and has missed out on a number of CACIB's even though she was green star bitch because of her age.

Okie absolutely adores all the attention she gets when in the show ring and has one best of breed, two green stars and seven reserve green stars.

We will be continuing to show our Leos at some of the upcoming shows, but our next big event is when we are off to Crufts with Boomer and Elsa who both qualified to enter - so we will keep you posted