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In April 2009 our three Leos headed off one evening to be formally assessed for use as therapy dogs by the Peata Therapy Dogs association. They were put through their paces and where assessed on their temperament and reaction to various stimuli e.g. wheelchairs, drip stands and walking sticks/ frames etc. Needless to say our crews' typical laid back Leo temperament won the day and they were passed with flying colours, so much so that we were asked there and then to visit a few residents in the centre.

Pets have long been shown to benefit our health and well-being, and Pet Therapy is being used worldwide to great effect in nursing homes, long-term hospitals, institutions for mentally and physically impaired, day care centres etc. Peata describes it as the use of companion dogs to enhance the quality of life of people in Caring Institutions by visiting and interacting with them.

Since then our crew have been visiting a local nursing home on a weekly bases and the picture below was taken at a recent open day. We also have visited a number of schools and crèches with and without a wagon in tow and Okie, Elsa and Boomer have been a great hit with the adults and children alike. That's not to say that they are not enjoying all the attention and treats they get (despite our best efforts to mind their diet). It is really amazing to watch a mature Leo know instinctively whether to gently approach someone and wait to be noticed or to nuzzle straight in and be a typical lean- on- burger.

If you would like to know more about Peata Therapy Dogs please visit their site at or scroll down for a film clip of what it is all about.
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