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Top Winning Leonberger Kennels 2009


In November 09 we had the privilege of joining the Southern Leonberger Carting Club in the UK, who introduced us to the ropes of carting. Thanks very much to Louise for her hospitality and for sharing her wealth of knowledge with us. Below on the left is Okie looking back to see why is it taking so long for Joe to put on the harness? Below right is Elsa at the next stage of getting used to carting and wondering why is she pulling a sled when there is no snow around. Boomer is in the last stage, pulling the training wagon and as you can see he can't wait to get going with the whole process. Beside this is a picture of Louise (on the left) Sinead (on the right) and Boomer with a wagon that is full of wonderful detail and adornment.
Okie carting
Elsa carting
Boomer carting
Sinead, Louise and boomer carting

Since then we have been having alot of fun with carting/ drafting, espically Okie who loves nothing more that a child or two shouting with delight in the wagon.

On 10th October Okie and Boomer head up North to join the Emerald Isle Newfoundland club to do their level 1 Drafting Test. Both pass with flying colours and are now looking forward to doing their level 2 testing. A fun day was had by all with a great breakfast being provided and a wonderful lunch too! Thanks to everyone involved for making it a great day.
Okie getting her cert from the judges
Boomer and Joe following Alison's instructions